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All types of perishable goods can be transported at the required temperature. With over 25 years of experience, we are experts at understanding and satisfying the needs of each individual client.


  • Pharmaceutical and diagnostic products, vaccines, serums, plasma, proteins, clinical tests
  • Biotechnological materials
  • General foodstuffs, raw and cured meat, pasta, confectionery, fresh and preserved fruit and vegetables, milk and dairy products
  • Raw ingredients and semi-finished food products, fish
  • Live animals


  • Frozen
  • Cool
  • Sensitive (protected from extreme temperatures)
  • Constant temperature


  • Packaging
  • Supply of dry ice
  • Rental of refrigerated containers from air and maritime companies
  • Health, Phytopathological, Age Control

ALITRANS has provided customers with expert advice on the transport of dangerous goods for more than 25 years.
The services we offer comply fully with regulations on DGR-air, ADR-land, IMDG-sea.


  • Supply of approved packaging and labels in accordance with DGR – IMDG – ADR regulations

  • Drafting of shipping documentation (shipper’s declaration – multimodal dangerous goods)

  • Guaranteed supervision of the entire shipping process

As experienced handlers of dangerous goods, we can advise clients on the safest and most efficient delivery method for their items.

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  • Collection and delivery in port using authorized and suitable vehicles and completion of required paperwork.
  • Consultancy on current required documentation for: waste paper, metal scraps, plastic scraps

The global trade in recycling paper, cardboard, plastic and metal is becoming increasingly important for the Italian economy. ALITRANS has many years experience as an approved operator in the international supply chain and transport of waste and recycled materials. We use our significant technical and legal expertise in this area to apply the current regulations, ensuring a highly professional service.

The ALITRANS' specialist team is always here to support you.


ALITRANS manages important cargo projects by sea and air.

In 2009 ALITRANS obtained authorization from the Customs Authority to establish our own ‘Type C’ customs warehouse (fiscal and customs). This permits the warehousing of non-European Community goods with foreign status so that they are not subject to import duties, VAT and other requirements. There is no limit to the length of time goods can stay in the warehouse.