There is much talk these days about ethical budgeting, Alitrans often finds itself at the forefront of supporting activities of particular cultural and social significance

because he firmly believes that one of the most important responsibilities of a company is to stand by those who work there.

Concrete has always been his sensitivity to the world of education, volunteerism, sports (especially in the area of sports activities aimed at children with various disabilities) and social work by supporting, in particular, projects aimed at the younger generation and people with disabilities.

Alitrans is and remains a Venetian company that has been deeply rooted and widespread in the Veneto region since 1971 with openness to the national and international territory.

It shares with the world of Culture the focus on constantly renewing the memory and experience of a glorious past, with a competent look at the present and with a vision always leaning toward the future. A future sometimes made too immediate and uncertain. The rapidity of change is extreme. Information and knowledge are aging too quickly.

Keeping up is really difficult, and all this makes one lose awareness of one’s roots, and “without roots you can’t fly.”

Flexibility and perseverance in the constant pursuit and growth of our professional experience, combined with an “intelligence of the heart,” we believe are some of the key elements in being able to build certainty on a daily basis.