ALITRANS tracks the delivery of every single cargo from its origin to its destination using the most advanced communication methods. Our wealth of experience means that we can advise our clients on the best shipping options for a successful delivery.

A network of trust and guarantees at the service of our customers. Day by day, since 1971!


The right balance between quality and price. Punctuality, precision, convenience.


The right means of transportation for every product. We support our distribution policy by sea.


Ring of connections. Nowhere is too far away: we can arrive anywhere.


A wide range of additional services for the customer.


In the age of globalization, air transport is the ideal means for transporting goods and people quickly and safely from one side of the world to the other. The plane is the vehicle to combine speed, convenience, service and punctuality of delivery. As IATA (International Air Transport Association) Agent we can handle any type of goods selected from the major airlines in the world to respond to particular needs and ensure the best service

ALITRANS EXPRESS. The great experience in safe delivery from your home up to the customer

By collaborating with the main Integrators, we can offer our customers a great experience in the express courier door-to-door delivery services for anything ranging from a small package to large systems. At Alitrans, a customer is not “just another customer.” Our core business philosophy is total customer satisfaction, and that means personal service.

Each customer is assigned to a single contract person who oversees that customer’s delivery. If at any point during the delivery customers have questions, they will always talk with the person most knowledgeable about their order.


Thanks to the special CUSTOM CRITICAL service, we can also arrange deliveries outside the normal channels. To avoid delays or situations that may result in financial damage or harm to a customer’s image, we can supply immediate free quotations for costs and delivery times. Every day of the year, 24 hours a day, we guarantee transport by land and air. No matter the customer’s particular need, we find the best means of transportation for every delivery, including those designed for ADR and controlled temperature delivery.

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THE RIGHT MEANS OF TRANSPORT FOR EVERY PRODUCT we support our distribution policy by sea.

We consider a product’s distribution policy to be an essential element and, in this respect, we aim to be a reference point for our customers. By offering FCL (Full Con tainer Load) and LCL (Less Container Load) solutions, we can select the main shipping carriers currently on the market and the technologies they provide. We focus particular attention on the shipping of special and delicate loads as well as dangerous goods and perishable products. These types of deliveries require competence, professionalism and preparation. To ensure the best solution for each product type, we stay in frequent contact with the relevant shipping companies throughout the delivery process.

LCL SERVICES - Import/export

We can issue FIATA FCR Certificate, Bills of Lading (Marine/Ocean/Combined) for both FCL and LCL services which are valid for the negotiation of letters of credit.



Nowhere is too far away: all the necessary means to arrive anywhere.

Alitrans’ pool of modern, well-equipped vehicles is supported by highly qualified foreign suppliers to guarantee prompt safe delivery.

Our lorry services work in tandem with deliveries by air and sea and,when necessary, we guarantee the continuation of the journey.

As ADR consultants, we specialize in the transportation of dangerous goods and temperature-controlled perishable goods in accordance with the strictest European regulations.

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Import-export customs procedures in the main ports and airports.

Storage-distribution and logistics of any kind of goods:

  • valuable

  • perishable

  • dangerous

  • under sanitary procedures.

Third-party goods insurance

Miscellaneous consultancy services regarding:

  • customs matters;
  • European and worldwide regulations;
  • transport insurance amd safety matters;
  • fumigation;
  • air and sea protection;
  • I.C.E. (Italian Institute for Foreign Trade);
  • letter of credit negotiations;
  • dangerous goods;
  • perishable goods.

Special deliveries overseen from shipper to consignee

Standard and special packing (wine, dangerous goods, perishable goods ect.)