In 1971
Giulio Bresaola
dreamed of building a forwarding business that would provide fast, efficient, and secure shipment of goods, regardless of size or complexity, anywhere in the world. Today ALITRANS is part of the worldwide communications network specializing in the delivery of perishable and dangerous goods, waste, and critical shipments.

Giulio Bresaola had another dream: to create a family business that world carry on ALITRANS’
tradition of going the extra mile to satisfy its costumers
. In 2014, he passed on the leadership of his company to his son,
Nicola Bresaola
, ensuring the continuation of the same high-quality service that ALITRANS’ clients have come to expect.


Under the leadership of Giulio Bresaola, Alitrans has evolved from a small family-run firm into a company with worldwide reach. As the company grew larger and more specialized, Giulio’s son, Nicola, took on greater responsibilities. A thorough and conscientious coordinator groomed by his father and his experiences working in the U.S., Nicola oversees the group of managers — each a specialist in a different sector — that works closely with a select pool of 20 external collaborators. Alitrans’ team of specialists is a reference point for our customers. Key to our record of successful deliveries is the company’s emphasis on building strong relationships with our customers. As a family business, we know the value of relationships. Just as trust is indispensable in families, so is it indispensable in business.

We are equally proud of our facilities, which have grown in tandem with our expanding market. Our welcome and distribution center is conveniently located just 5 km from Verona airport. In addition to the company’s offices, the building houses our 2000 m2 warehouse equipped for the transportation of any kind of goods.

Since 2007 Alitrans extend its presence with the new branch in Milan with the aim of increasing economic presence in most of our country, increase the value added services and to be competitive in a changing market. Our goals in branching out to the entire northern Italian market are to strengthen our current operations in the region, acquire new business ventures and offer our customers, partners and suppliers value-added services, support and competitiveness.

Alitrans is a member of
IFLN Group
, a premium worldwide logistics network, project & supply chain management provider.

IFLN Group is dedicated to the provision of logistics services worldwide. The business philosophy on which the Group is founded delivers supply chain solutions in a unique way, benefiting end-users of both regular high volume shipments as well as those involved with large and small project moves. Through its network of agents located in more than 350 cities around the world, Alitrans can quickly determine the most favorable transportation routes nad rates for any delivery.


At ALITRANS, we put our trust in our employees.

We recognize their value to the company and encourage all of our employees to participate in professional development training.

Today ALITRANS’ team of specialists is proud to offer the most up-to-date advice and the best solutions to deliver any type of goods anywhere in the world.